In 2011, Dr. Yi Rang Kim met Dr. Jin Woo Choi in Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Kim was a
Ph.D. candidate and Mr. Choi was a postdoc. They met as a physician and biologist discussing
basic research and the deficiencies in research and clinical research. They promised to work
together someday because they could fill each other's gaps if they worked together later. After
receiving a doctorate in KAIST, Dr. Kim finished his medical training in oncology. Meanwhile,
Dr. Choi became a professor of pharmacology in Kyunghee University. Dr.Kim felt sorry for the
patients who could not receive treatment due to the high cost of the drugs or their deficiency
and discussed with Mr. Choi how to solve the problem. Then, they founded Oncocross.

CEO Greeting

“Until now, many patients, especially cancer patients,
have suffered from medical enigmas.”

Oncocross has strived for discovering drugs that can satisfy unmet needs in numerous diseases
and medical conditions. While treating cancer patients, a number of patients complained about sar-
copenia and Oncocross has developed the sarcopenia drugs which are one of our pipelines. These
safe sarcopenia drugs also expand ALS survival significantly. In this way, we will continue to find
safe and effective drugs. Oncocross will do its best until all the patients are happy.

CEO:Yi Rang Kim MD, Ph.D.

Advisory Board

  • CEO

    Yi Rang Kim MD, Ph.D.

    Medical Oncologist

    Ph.D. at KAIST
  • Vice President

    Eun Jin JouM.D.

    Bioinformatics specialist

    Computational genomics
    at Harvard
    Pharmacodesign Ex CEO
  • Vice President

    Seung Hyun Park MS

    Drug develop specialist

    Ex Daewoong, Kolon Pharm.
    Domestric L/O
  • Co-Founder

    Jin Woo ChoiPh.D

    Big Data specialist

    Associate professor
    College of Pharmacy
    Kyunghee university
  • Advisor

    Wan Seok JooPh.D

    RA specialist

    Ex KFDA officer
    Director at CLIPS
  • AI Director

    Young Heun Lee Ph.D


    Ph.D at Chung-ang
  • BI Team Leader

    Woo Gwang SimPh.D


    Ph.D at KAIST
  • AI Team Leader

    Gwang Yeul YunPh.D

    Artificial Intelligence

    Ph.D at Dankook university
  • Associate Researcher

    Myung Hyun KimMS

    Artificial Intelligence

  • Researcher

    Jun Hee Jo  


  • Research Director

    Sang Yun ParkPh.D

    Ph.D at Kyunghee university
  • Associate Researcher

    Ga Eul YangMs


  • Associate Researcher

    Seung Jun LeeMs


  • Associate Researcher

    Hui Jung Na  


  • Advisor

    Young Soo Moon MBA

    MBA at Yonsei university,
    President_BL&H USA LLC
  • Director

    Ki Baek Park 




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is a prefix that means tumor.


represents our technology and commitment to develop new drugs using convergent sciences.